But I Miss You SO Much! The 7-Step Plan to Calm Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

What causes separation anxiety? Dogs are highly social creatures. Sometimes they become overly attached or dependent on their owners, leading to anxiety when owners leave them alone. However, studies have shown that not all dogs with “hyper attachment” develop separation anxiety. Instead, separation anxiety is related to the general anxiety level of the animal, which […]
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The Pet Wellness Advocate; Becoming Your Pet’s Superhero

Being a pet wellness advocate means taking responsibility for the health and well-being of your pet by learning specific techniques on how to prevent certain diseases and behaviour problems before they become a real issue.
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Helping Or Hurting? When Relieving A Pet's Pain Becomes Dangerous

Recently, I responded to a telehealth consultation from a woman calling from her cottage. It was a Saturday evening, and her regular vet’s office and the cottage vet were closed. Her dog, a husky-cross, was clearly in pain after swimming in the lake. By the time she called the telehealth line, this person was distressed. […]
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My Finicky Feline; Why Cats are such Picky Eaters (and how you can help them!)

Trying to feed your finicky feline can be very frustrating for you and your furry friend. Most animals, including dogs, will eat just about anything, even if it isn’t food! Understanding why some cats can be so selective can help take the anxiety out of mealtime and lead to a happier, healthier household. Part 1: […]
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Why Does My Senior Cat Yowl Or Cry?

Is your senior cat yowling more than ever? Well, they may be telling you it’s much more than old age crankiness. Vocalization is one of the more common signs of Feline Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS), a disease in cats similar to Alzheimer’s disease. As most cats are prone to this disease as they age, every […]
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