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Why Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is not a replacement for your current veterinary care. It is a support service. Veterinarians are very busy professionals, treating dozens of cases daily, performing surgeries, often managing a busy office, and much more. Most only have enough time to address your pet’s immediate issue, even when they would love to offer more.

Telemedicine is an extension of that care. If you seek help, guidance, or long-term strategies and your veterinarian is not immediately available to you, then refer to the section below to see if telemedicine is the next best option for you.

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EMERGENCIES: Some emergencies only seem urgent. Rushing your pet to an urgent care facility for a non-emergency can be unnecessarily expensive and may monopolize resources needed for more urgent cases. Call, and let Dr. Mike assess your situation.

BEHAVIORAL CONSULTATIONS: Unwanted behaviour is almost always a training issue and is correctable with the right strategy and a little patience. Dr. Mike is a veterinary doctor, pet wellness advocate, pet owner, and behaviour expert, and he is ready to help!

PREVENTION PLANNING & ADVICE: Veterinarians are often so busy treating the issue on the examining table that there is no time to address prevention. Dr. Mike can help you build a prevention plan for your pet or answer any questions causing you concern.

SECOND OPINION: Having another qualified professional assess your situation and offer advice is not only wise but essential for any expensive or life-threatening procedure. Let Dr. Mike walk you through the plan and deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are on the right path.

END-OF-LIFE CONSULTATION: Our pets are part of our family, and their final stages of life can be emotionally draining. Dr. Mike can guide you through this trying time and help you make those difficult decisions.

FAST ACCESS TO AN EXPERIENCED VETERINARY DOCTOR: Your need for assistance might come after-hours, or you may not have been able to secure a timely appointment. We are here to support you and your veterinarian and offer you access to an experienced, well-qualified veterinary doctor in Dr. Mike. Telemedicine is where convenience meets necessity.

EXTEND YOUR TREATMENT OPTIONS WITH NATURAL THERAPIES: Telemedicine is a way to extend your medical and treatment options to encompass those therapies that your primary veterinarian may not access or practice. Dr. Mike is an enthusiastic advocate for natural therapies and will help you understand what they are and how to use them.

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